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Nutripro recipes are carefully designed to keep inventory manageable for you. Products are selected for simple component preparation and for use with readily available fresh ingredients. The recipes are seasonally focused to encourage the use of local fruits and vegetables. Buying from local growers brings ingredients to you while they’re closer to peak freshness. Buying local supports your community and reduces the distance the food has to travel (and the amount of fuel needed to get the products to you.)

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Based on scientific evidence, Nutripro focuses on key nutrition topics and their implications for your business. Tap into our growing collection of solid scientific facts, best practices, and creative approaches to nutritious cooking gathered from food and nutrition experts around the world.


Knowledge is more valuable when it’s shared. We hope you will take advantage of these tools to add to your own expertise on food and nutrition. Choose from our existing training videos and materials, or contact your Nestlé Professional Sales Representative for more information.

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「From Farm To Cup」の考え方のもと、ブルンジのシングルオリジンのストーリーをお届けします。

Burundi Single Origin Story